Our Reception desk has three work stations, with a fourth used by Visiting Specialists.

We are wheelchair friendly.

Access to a private room where appointments can be booked and phone calls made by one of our Reception Staff away from the main desk.

Doctor's Rooms

11 Consulting rooms in total, all are well equipped, and are restocked twice daily ensuring stock is never out of date.

They are bright and welcoming, with each doctor adding their own bit of personality to their room.

Treatment Area

The treatment area is used for minor procedures, dressings, ECG's, emergency patients....

Our treatment area is equipped with:

  • 3x curtained treatment bays + 1x additional room for plasters / procedures
  • 3x work stations for nurses
  • Work area for pathology and sterilizing equipment

Conference Room

The conference room has audiovisual capabilities and sufficient space to hold up to 30 people.

Student Room

Used by our current Uni SA students for; consulting, tuitorials, lectures by tele-conference and study.