Adult Mental Health Services

Tracey Davies, Bronwyn Lane & Veronica Watkins are our qualified Mental Health Clinicians who work with Adults (those 18 years and over).

There is no charge to Patients who see the Mental Health Clinicians. To access this service patients need to have a referral from their GP.

We have the following visiting Specialists: Dr Marty Downs (Adult Psychiatrist), Dr Sally Tregenza (Child Psychiatrist) and Mandy Clothier (Counsellor) who consult throughout the month.

Other services available are; Lennon Street Mental Health Team, Redcross Volunteers and Country and Outback Health. Please see your Doctor for more information.

Lifeline is availabe 24/7 by phone: 13 11 14

We have compiled a list of approved websites below for your information:

Mind Health Connect


Suicide Call Back              



Mens Health     



Elderly / Veteran Affairs

Seniors Health                

At Ease  (For DVA patients - Veteran Affairs)

Regional Access



Twitter  @saregionalacces

Phone  1300 032 186  (available 24/7)

Regional Access is a free, 24/7 Low Intensity Psychological Service for all Regional South Australian’s, including those living or working in the Adelaide Hills. This is a free telephone and online counselling service for people who are feeling the pressures and stresses of everyday life, and reside or work in regional, rural or remote South Australia.

This Low Intensity (Li) psychological service is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Regional Access will provide Li psychological services to people who:

  • Have a concern or worry and want to talk about it
  • Are at risk of the onset of mental illness
  • Have a moderate to severe mental condition at risk of relapse, in need of resilience and capacity building
  • Have experienced symptoms of distress or mild symptoms of mental ill health (i.e. anxiety or depression) for less than 12 months or with moderate to severe mental health conditions at risk of relapse who can make use of low intensity service to build resilience