Q Fever

Q fever is an infection caused by Coxiella burnetii, a type of bacterium found worldwide except New Zealand. The infection is almost always related to direct or indirect contact with animals such as cattle, sheep or goats, although a wide range of animals including cats, dogs and kangaroos may carry the infection.

Fact sheet: Q Fever Information

Testing for Q fever is a 2 step process. Starting with a skin test and blood sample on the first visit, and seven days later, patients are given their results and depending on these results some patients may require the Q fever Vaccine.

There are currently 2 qualified doctors within the Clinic, Dr Philip Gribble and Dr Morne Scheepers available to perform the skin test and administer the vaccine.

For appointments please contact Rachel Menadue (Nurse) at Clare Medical Centre (08) 8841 3777.