Skin Checks

Clare Medical Centre offers designated Skin Check Clinic appointments throughout the month.

During this 10-15 minute appointment the Doctor will complete a thorough check including non sun-exposed areas.

These skin clinics are only to check for skin cancers. All other forms of skin conditions such as; rashes, eczema, psoriasis can be reviewed by you regular doctor.

If a suspicious lesion is found a biopsy may be required. Biopsy procedures can be done during your consult. If, however, the decision is that something needs to be cut out completely, then another appointment in the near future will need to be arranged.

Currently, we have 4 Doctors with experience and training in looking at and treating skin cancers:

We also have access to specialist support through our visiting Plastic Surgeon, Dr Bernard Carney if that is required.

Could I be at Risk?

The short answer is: Yes ... Although different people can have higher or lower risk levels.

Some factors increase risk levels, for example:

· have a relative with skin cancer

· burn easily and tan poorly

· have blue eyes

· have had many blistering burns

A quick and easy way to get an idea of your personal risk, is to go online and try the 'SCAN' questionnaire at: