Dr Darcie Barry-Keen

MBBS Adelaide University Diploma of Child Health, Emergency extended skills, Advanced Life Support,Paediatric Life Support.


Dr Darcie Barry-Keen is completing her Rural General Practice training in Clare after moving from Mt Gambier. She has worked in rural hospitals, rural general practice and has done extended training in Emergency Medicine at Lyell McEwin Hospital.

She is newly married and her husband lives in Adelaide where he is working towards becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. She enjoys spending time in nature, playing board games, reading and travelling. She is passionate about the environment and works towards reducing her impact by eating a plant-based diet, buying second hand and striving to live low-waste.

Special interests:

  • LGBT health

  • Sexual health

  • Weight loss medicine

  • Preventive health

  • Palliative care

  • Emergency medicine