Medical Students

University of Adelaide

The Clare Medical Centre's Doctors are accredited teachers with Spencer Gulf Rural Medical School.

Hosting 5th year medical students from the University of Adelaide for 1 academic year.

During their time here students get to experience the day to day work of a General Practitioner, for example consulting, procedural skills, obstetric care, emergency medicine and attend theatre cases with some of our Visiting Specialists.

When checking in for your appointment you will be asked if it is ok for a medical student to attend your consult, this is 100% your decision, please advise reception if you do not wish for a student to be present.


John Flynn Scholarship

This scholarship runs through 20 participating Australian universities with 300 students being selected to join each year. Once selected participating students are placed in rural locations to learn the ways of a General Practitioner two full weeks per year, over a four year period.