How do I know when my Annual Care Plan is due?

When you see a GP or Nurse, they set up relevant clinical reminders on your patient file to help with your ongoing care. We then send out these clinical reminders (recalls) to you by SMS. If you do not have a mobile, we will mail a reminder letter to you.

Once you receive this SMS from the Clare Medical Centre, you can access which recall message you are due for by clicking on the link and entering your full name and date of birth.

You can then book an appointment from this screen online; or call our Clare Medical Centre receptionists to book.

How do I book in for a COVID19 Vaccination?

Clare Medical Centre currently has access to the Pfizer vaccines. If you are eligible for this vaccine under the Government COVID19 Vaccination Roll Out Program, please call reception to book the next available booking.

If you have any questions or concerns, please book in to see a GP prior to your vaccination to discuss.

Please note that the Clare Hospital, and pharmacies also offer COVID vaccinations.

What do I do if I have COVID19 symptoms?

If you are experiencing any COVID19 symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, or shortness of breath, please do not enter the Clare Medical Centre.

You can book a GP appointment to be assessed through our Mid North Respiratory Clinic. You can book this online or call reception to book. The Respiratory Clinic generally operates Monday to Friday in the afternoons ; hours may vary depending on patient demand. For the appointment, please park and wait in your vehicle in the designated car park located on the left, just past the ambulance entrance as you enter our carpark. The doctor operating the Mid North Respiratory Clinic will call the patients mobile (or come out and find you). The patient will enter the building via the ambulance entry door. Please apply hand sanitizer and wear a mask before entering.

If a COVID19 swab test is conducted during the consult, the patient will receive these test results directly by SMS from SA Pathology laboratory, usually within 24-48 hours. If tested, the patient is required to self-isolate until they have received a negative test result.

Please note this is a clinic only for those with symptoms; or for those who have been given a SA Health directive to be tested.

There is no cost for this consult, as the Mid North Respiratory Clinic is Commonwealth funded.

Patients who do not have Medicare, are still able to be seen if they have symptoms.

Patients who don't have symptoms cannot be seen, unless they are there due to a SA Health directive.

Do I have to pay to see the doctor?

As Clare Medical Centre is a private practice, in general your consultation will incur a patient fee. Our standard fees are on display at our main reception desk.

We are not able to give an accurate quote prior to a consult. These fees can be referred to as a guide. Please be aware that there may be additional fees if a procedure occurs as part of the consult. Your consult is charged on complexity, and how long you have spent with the doctor.

New patient appointments require a 30 minute booking.

Chronic Disease Management Plans and Mental Health Care Plans appointments are bulk billed.

COVID19 Vaccinations and Testing are all provided at no cost to the patient.

If you have any concerns, please speak to reception.

Am I able to book an appointment after practice hours?

Yes you can book an appointment online anytime.

If you prefer to speak to our amazing reception team, we are available by phone from 8:30am Monday through to Saturday.

If you require an appointment at Burra or Snowtown outside of the clinic opening times, you can always call and book through Clare reception during Clare Medical Centre hours.

I work 9 – 5pm every weekday, can I make an appointment outside of these hours?

For those who work Monday to Friday, we do offer Saturday morning appointments at Clare Medical Centre. These are quite popular so please try to book in advance. During the week, some doctors start consulting at 8:30am and our last appointment for some doctors is 5:30pm.

If appropriate, patients may choose to request a Telehealth consult. If you prefer a consult via phone or video (rather than a face to face), please inform reception at the time of booking. Please remember that phone consults are not always appropriate, for example – if the patient has a rash, this would need to be assessed in person.

If a phone consult is appropriate, the doctor will call the patient at the time of consult.

If a Video consult is the preferred method of contact, a link will be sent to the patient by SMS to access at the time of appointment on a device with microphone/camera capabilities.

If you have not seen us in person for quite a while, we may request you to have a face to face appointment (for example, after 3 telehealth appointments, you will be requested to have one face to face appointment).